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The importance of rehearsal

A couple of days ago I mentioned to some friends how I use rehearsal in my day-to-day life: Preparing for a presentation, walking through the steps of a plan, practicing a process. Especially when it is something important. (The subject came up because I am giving an important presentation to some senior folks in our organization later this week, and I had excused myself so I could rehearse.)

“Rehearse? What do you mean, rehearse?”

I learned the importance of rehearsal while in the military: Plan an operation, try it out, refine the plan. Sometimes the rehearsal can be a simple walk through of the basic steps of something. Sometimes, as is the case this week, it is a full blown dress rehearsal, maybe even with a video camera so I can be my own judge.

When I watch speakers on, or have the opportunity to hear speakers live, I always marvel at how easy they make it look. I also know that for every minute on stage they’ve probably prepared for an hour or more.

Like the old jokes goes: How do I get to Carnegie Hall? Practice practice practice.

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  1. Brett | 01 Feb 10 at 2329 | Permalink

    Something I should have included in the main post is an application of this lesson to the ideas in Seth Godin’s new book, Linchpin. Rehearsal is a great way to tame the resistance, or at least relax the lizard brain enough to let you shine during your presentation.

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